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Mens Labradorite & Onyx beaded Bracelet | 925 Sterling Silver

Mens Labradorite & Onyx beaded Bracelet | 925 Sterling Silver

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✴ Genuine Labradorite & Onyx Gemstones
✴ 925 Sterling Silver Beads
✴ Bracelet length: 18 cm (7'')
✴ Ultra strong and flexible elastic cord
✴ Handmade

- Labradorite is associated with enhancing psychic abilities, facilitating personal transformation, offering protection, activating the third eye chakra, promoting aura cleansing and balance, and improving communication with the spiritual realm.

- Onyx is believed to offer benefits such as strength, grounding, protection, emotional balance, and support in decision-making.

- All bracelets are handmade and made of natural stones, so that every single item is completely unique.

- Each jewelry item comes in a high-quality microfiber pouch.

Gemstones and Hardware are carefully selected to ensure the best quality.
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